Shanghai Handicrafts and Zhejiang Handicrafts

Shanghai Handicrafts and Shengxian Artistic Bamboo Weaving Factory

Despite the bamboo wicker animals have label indicating Shanghai Handicrafts, the are not made in Shanghai; instead, they are designed and handcrafted by bamboo weaving artisans in Shengxian County, Zhejiang.

Bamboo Wicker Animals Abroad

Bamboo wicker animals are highly popular in international markets, recognized as premium Chinese craftsmanship abroad. Before the 1990s, Chinese bamboo weaving factories did not have direct trading rights with foreign countries. Instead, they exported products through provincial import and export companies. Bamboo wicker animals were initially represented by the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Import and Export Corporation, and later by the Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Import and Export Corporation, facilitating their journey overseas.  Each design of bamboo wicker animal is assigned a unique serial number. The label is marked in capital letters, indicating either 'Shanghai Handicrafts,' 'Zhejiang Handicrafts,' or 'Chenghsien Bambooware,' all made in the People's Republic of China.

Three different product labels
mcm Chinese wicker

The Story of Wicker Animals

Bamboo wicker animals emerged in the late 1960s in Shengxian County, Zhejiang Province (now Shengzhou) of China. The first bamboo wicker animal ever made was an elephant....

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The Making of Wicker Animals

The process of crafting bamboo wicker animals involves five steps and is considered a comprehensive art form in the field of bamboo weaving....

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The Labels of Wicker Animals

Despite the labels indicating Shanghai Handicrafts, Chinese wicker animals are not made in Shanghai.Instead, they are designed and crafted by bamboo weaving craftsmen in Shengxian County, Zhejiang....

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