Bamboo Wicker Artistry: A Global Voyage from Shengzhou to the World

Bamboo Wicker Artistry: A Global Voyage from Shengzhou to the World

Bamboo wicker animals, celebrated for their exquisite craftsmanship, have gained immense popularity in international markets, showcasing the pinnacle of Chinese artistry. Despite bearing 'Shanghai Handicrafts' labels, these captivating creations are not produced in Shanghai, China. Instead, they originate from the skilled hands of bamboo weaving artisans in Shengxian County (now Shengzhou), Zhejiang, China.

In the pre-1990s era, Chinese bamboo weaving factories lacked direct trading privileges with foreign nations. Exportation occurred through provincial import and export corporations. Initially managed by the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Import and Export Corporation, the oversight of bamboo wicker animals later transitioned to the Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Import and Export Corporation, facilitating their global expedition. Each bamboo wicker animal design is distinguished by a unique serial number. The labels indicates 'Shanghai Handicrafts,' 'Zhejiang Handicrafts,' or 'Chenghsien Bambooware,' all crafted in the People's Republic of China.






The information above has been summarized from publications on Shengxian bamboo weaving and interviews conducted with former artisans from the Shengxian Bamboo Weaving Factory.


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